The Day We Met Corey Feldman!!!

Before you read this, I highly advise you visit our Extreme Movie Watching section of the site to get some insight as to why we went to a concert spontaneously and not arrive home until 3:30 A.M. This account contains pictures, coarse language, and lots of Corey Feldman!
It started after my Global Economics class in college. I had a good hour and a half to kill until my Arts in Society: Theater class, so I decided to pick up a copy of the crappy college newspaper and a copy of Creative Loafing. After returning to the room where the Theater class is taught, I thumbed through the Creative Loafing and almost fainted when I read a Corey Feldman interview with a surprising revelation: he was going to be playing in Rome, Georgia that night! I filed the information away in my brain and planned to tell Zack about it the next day. If I did, the conversation would have been ugly:

"Hey, Zack."
"What, Mat?"
"There was a Corey Feldman concert last night."
"You're just fucking telling me about it now?"
"Well, you see, uh, I was playing Final Fantasy IX and…"
a severe beating would have probably ensued.
[e.n. - here is an artist's conception of what would have happened.]

Instead, at around 6:00 P.M. that night I called Zack and told him about the concert. He really wanted to go, but his mom warned him that it would take about 2 hours. I told Zack to either stop by Wherehouse Music, Bookstar, or Media Play to snag a copy of Creative Loafing since I threw mine away earlier.

An hour and a half later, Zack arrived at my house with the Creative Loafing in hand. We went on the Internet and, after some long distance calls to The Opera House, the place where the concert was at, spent thirty minutes printing out directions due to difficulty in finding the Opera House's address. We eventually got the correct directions and I took some CD's with me to listen on the way there.

With Zack at the wheel and me as the navigator, nothing could have gone wrong.
Not yet, anyway.
As we were driving on the highway, we popped in my Falco's Greatest Hits CD. Falco is a German guy who had 3 albums released in the 1980's before dying in a car crash shortly afterwards. His only really famous song is "Rock Me Amadeus," which Falco claimed was one of the more significant pieces of music dealing with Mozart ever made. Getting sick of wacky German electronic pop music, we popped in my James Bond's Greatest Hits CD, which contained the title tracks to all the official Bond movies except The World Is Not Enough. After listening to the classic theme and Duran Duran's "A View To A Kill," Zack bugged me to change the CD. Since we had a while to go, I popped in the "Classic Queen" CD, one of the CDs of a two CD set of Queen's greatest hits, including "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "Under Pressure."
After some Freddie Mercury to soothe Zack's tension from driving on the highway, we had a problem with the directions. They brought us up to the Rome, Georgia exit, but had a vague map printed out for the rest of the way. We stopped at a Hardee's to ask for directions from a chubby white woman who was probably the manager.

"How do you get to the Opera House?" I asked.
"I don't know what you're talking about," she said.
"It's on Broad Street," Zack pointed out.
"Oh. You see that road over there?"
"The one going that way?"
"Yeah, that's the one. Take it all the way up to the second stop sign, and take a left."
As we walked out to Zack's car, I decided to ask the other Hardee's employee, who seemed slightly drunk, for directions. I really wished I hadn't.
"How do you get to the Opera House?"
"What you talking about?"
"It's on Broad Street."
"Oh, just take the second light-not the first one, the second one. Then take a left and you'll see it pretty soon. Do you guys have two dollars to lend me?"
"Zack only has a large bill."
"Mat, shut up."
" The reason is because I don't get my paycheck until tomorrow and I really need something to drink."
We give him two dollars.
"Yeah, man, up there they have all sort of clubs. You can booty dance at those motherfuckers all night long. And these girls are hot, let me tell you. You'd never seen a piece of ass like that-" (actually, he went on for about 10 minutes before being interrupted.)
Struck with an idea for an amusing joke, Zack put his arm around me, and said:
"I don't think we're going to need any of those girls, that are shaking their booty!"
The guy shot us a strange glance.
"OK, I'm sorry, man. It's cool. Some crazy shit, but it's cool."

one of the flyers!
We left for The Opera House. After finding a parking spot, Zack hid everything valuable in the car so his car wouldn't get broken into. (which wasn't tough, with all of the junk that's in there.) We walked into The Opera House and realized we needed to get disposable cameras. After getting directions to a gas station, we were informed they had no cameras. We quickly went to a CVS Pharmacy and picked up 2 for $20. Then we returned to The Opera House.

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